Referrals and/or brand recognition are two time-honored ways to effectively market your medical practice. With reimbursements on the decline and costs on the rise, promoting your practice is critical to bringing in new business. MBS helps you find the best ways to cut through the clutter and help your messages be heard by your target audience.

MBS is committed to helping independent healthcare organizations compete in today’s managed-care environment. Our services help:

  • Heighten awareness of your healthcare services
  • Enhance your reputation as a healthcare expert
  • Grow your practice and profits by retaining current and acquiring new patients
  • Position your medical practice apart from the competition
  • Identify key healthcare market segments in your demographic area

We start by focusing on the specific areas that set your practice apart. Such as, credentials, service offerings and individual patient care philosophies. The unique and professional marketing plan we create together with you helps establish your practice image, reputation and specialties among the markets you want to reach. We understand the shifting forces in the market that factor into the patient choices of health care providers. We work with you to build a complete program to increase patient volume and revenue.

Expect discussions about specific goals and objectives to create a plan of action that fits those needs. We work with you to analyze your practice’s strengths and weaknesses, competitors and target market. During a consultation with MBS, expect to learn new facts about your practice and your market.

MBS focuses on developing areas such as patient promotion, tactics to develop referral physicians, returns on investment, budget, time and labor requirements, practice expansion objectives and a mixed media strategy. Together we find ways to educate your patients and the community on your practice and its services.



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